Terhi Paldanius
Jukka Untamala
Jussi Tuhkanen
Petja Kainulainen

05 Feb 2018 Kamus wins the "Emma" Award for the best Classical CD of 2017!

We are very very happy to announce that our latest CD "Homunculus" won the Emma Award for the best classical CD of 2017!


09 Nov 2017 Kamus to Sweden in the end of November!

Kamus is off to Sweden for five concerts from 22nd November to 26th November. Program includes music by Sibelius, Rautavaara and Grieg! Välkommen alla till våra konserter!

04 Oct 2017 Off to the Netherlands
Next week Kamus will have a 3 concert tour in the Netherlands. It includes a concert in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, in which the quartet gives a premier of the new quartet by Sebastian Fagerlund. More info about the concerts in the "Concerts" page!
06 Sep 2017 Kamus Quartet in 3 minutes

22 Jul 2017 Kamus' summer 2017 continues at Rauma Festivo!

Kamus thanks the festivals at Carlton, Virrat and Harrogate and continues its summer 2017 at Rauma Festivo, Finland on 8.-12.8.2017. Programme includes many great pieces and also the whole programme of our award-winning CD "Different voices". Check out www.raumafestivo.fi!

 See you there! 

04 Jul 2017 Kamus to Great Britain and to KesäVirratSoi-festival

We are very happy to get to play at two festivals in Great Britain, at the  Barn in Carlton on 7th July and at the Harrogate Festival on 16th July! Between the concerts in UK we play at the KesäVirratSoi-festival in Virrat, Finland from 13th to 15th July. Hope to see you all there! 

08 May 2017 Kamus to Mexico!

The spring 2016 of Kamus Quartet has included concerts at Helsinki and at Kuopio and the editing of our new CD that includes music ny Esa-Pekka Salonen, György Ligeti and Benjamin Britten+a recording for YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) of a piece by Aki Yli-Salomäki. In May 2017 Kamus is delighted to visit Mexico at the Festival de Mayo (www.festivaldemayo.org), with two concerts at the Teatro Degollado with Marcus Groh,piano and at PALCCO/Sala de Camara.

See you there! 

11 Feb 2016 Kamus new CD to win a prize from YLE

Kamus Quartets recent recording Different Voices won the Finnish National Broadcasting company's prize for the best album of the year 2015!

We are very happy and delighted for such an honor. Many thanks to our recording company Alba records and to our producer Johannes Meissl and sound engineer Thomas Lang  

05 Oct 2015 Kamus to join Lomonaco Artists

We are very delighted to announce our signing with the Lomonaco Artists! Lomonaco Artists is a dynamic boutique agency based in London and will take care of quartets international affairs.

Please read more from www.lomonaco-artist.com 


"Different Voices" Sibelius - Tiensuu - Kaipainen (Alba records 2015)
Seppo Pohjola: Complete string quartets (Alba records 2011)

2016 Best recording of the year 2015 by Finnish National broadcasting company
2004 Kuhmo international chamber music competition:
     3rd prize and the prize for best performance of the
     compulsory piece
2004 Melartin competition Finland
     1st prize and the prize for best performance of the
     compulsory piece


Artistic director of the Teema@Helsinki concert series
Quartet in residence in Kuopio conservatory of music
European Chamber Music Academy, ECMA Alumni
Benefactor and affiliate, HelsinkiMissio


2002-2005 Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
2004-2005 Britten-Pears Programme for young gifted artists, Aldeburgh UK
2006-2010 European Chamber Music Academy, ECMA


Violin by F. Gagliano (Terhi Paldanius)
Violin by C.A. Testore (Jukka Untamala)
Viola by J.F. Guidantus (Jussi Tuhkanen)
     - Kindly lend by Pohjola Bank Art foundation
Violoncello by C-A. Miremont (Petja Kainulainen)
     - Kindly lend by Finnish Cultural Foundation

 “Kamus is a perfectly blended group, and the brilliance of each individual shines through”          

-Helsingin Sanomat 9.10.2014

Founded in 2002, Kamus is one of the most prominent Nordic ensembles and continues to delight audiences with a strong and distinctive voice. In 2017 the quartet launched a new CD and toured around the world including to Mexico, UK, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands, including their celebrated Concertgebouw debut in Amsterdam. The new CD, which includes the world premiere recording of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s string quartet Homunculus won the EMMA-prize for the best classical music record in Finland 2018. It followed the acclaimed album Different Voices featuring Sibelius’s Voces Intimae, which was awarded the prize for best classical music album of 2016 by the Finnish National Broadcasting Company.

An active force in Finnish musical life, Kamus has developed new ways of presenting chamber music with its acclaimed concert series TeemaHelsinki. They have also launched a project to help enrich the musical life of rural parts of Finland. 

Founded in Helsinki in 2002, the quartet studied at the Sibelius Academy, the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) and the Britten Pears Academy in Aldeburgh, UK. This prestigious training, along with support from a number of distinguished artists, has helped Kamus to find its own personal style and voice. Significant elements of this included the studies at ECMA, which concentrated on musical rhetoric and the performance practice of the classical era, knowledge of musical language and a deep insight into the structure of the score and which opened up new perspectives, and continues to do so. Aldeburgh Music’s Hugh Maguire, a student of George Enescu in the early 20th century, introduced the quartet to the old European string music tradition, and his innate and warm-hearted musicianship left a distinctive imprint on the style of the quartet which can undoubtedly still be heard.


Like all great stories, the story of Kamus Quartet is love-themed. The year is 2002. A young couple from Kuopio, Terhi Paldanius and Jukka Untamala, have just moved to Helsinki, and begun their studies at the Sibelius Academy. Then they face the first crisis of their married life: The two violinists realise that two is not company enough. The greatest music in the world is composed for a string quartet - not for two violins. They find themselves in a curious situation: The couple has to find a third and a fourth wheel for their relationship.

As luck would have it, two young men with basketball background, who had since developed a keen interest in music, had also started their studies at the Sibelius Academy, and were looking for something to occupy themselves with. Jussi Tuhkanen, a viola-player from Savonlinna, and Petja Kainulainen, a cellist from Lahti, completed this love story, and the love-child was given the name Kamus.

The quartet begun their studies at the Sibelius Academy with Risto Fredriksson. Later they travelled to England to learn from violinist Hugh Maguire, and studied at the European Chamber Music Academy, ECMA, with Hatto Beyer and Johannes Meissl.

Currently the quartet shares 12 years of common history.

Kamus is a fine name, presumably with profound connotations. What is the story behind the name?

Petja: I came up with the name after a long and strenuous process. I had suggested a lot of stupid names, along the lines of Warthog, and then one morning I woke up with this name in my head. To my knowledge, it means absolutely nothing.

So there really is no allusion to, for example, Albert Camus?

Terhi: An allusion to Camus, but not Albert. In fact we are waiting for the day when the Camus Cognac will be spelt with a 'k'. On that day our work is done.

Does each of you have a specific role in the quartet?

Jussi: For the most part of our time together, Terhi has \u2013 willingly or not \u2013 been in charge of some amount of discipline. We can all still clearly remember the one rehearsal we had without her. That was the biggest waste of time ever.

What kind of changes has your quartet gone through?

Jukka: We've gone through everything a string quartet can go through, except for change of personnel. We don't swing that way. We've studied hard and extensively. Afterwards we needed a few years to take it all in, until we found our own style.

What is life like in a string quartet?

Petja: Well we had a FIFA phase, during which we played a lot of Xbox at Terhi's and Tillo's. Other phases were the exciting early stage, studying in England with the wonderful Hugh Maguire, and a hard-working phase at the European Chamber Music Academy.

Who's Tillo?

Everybody: Tillo is Jukka.

Terhi: Guess you might say Tillo's nickname is Jukka.

Any other nicknames?

Terhi: Quite a few, not all of them print worthy.

Jussi: I'm Jusba, Tuhkis or Alpo.

What else have you done besides playing in a quartet?

Jukka: Jussi dabbled with tennis for a while, but at his second practice he fell in the shower and broke a bone in his hand. That resulted in the longest practice brake in the history of the quartet.

What is your mission for the quartet?

Terhi: We consider it important to broaden Finnish musical life with string quartet culture, which tends to almost disappear during winter-time outside of the big festivals. Furthermore we want to take music to remote and unordinary places.

Where would you like to have a chance to play?

Jussi: The place doesn't matter. It's always great to play whether it is an old plane hangar at Suomenlinna or a nursing home in Germany. Well, okay, it would be great to play the Wigmore hall in London. The concert would run for hours and would consist of all the best music ever written, and the best music yet to be written.

What is music for?

Petja: Understanding.

Jukka: Life.

By Sonja Saarikoski
(translated by Lauri Niskanen)


J. Haydn:
Quartet Op. 1, No. 1 in Bb Major
Quartet Op. 33, No. 3 in C Major ("The Bird")
Quartet Op. 50, No. 2 in C Major
Quartet Op. 50, No. 3 in Eb Major
Quartet Op. 54, No. 2 in C Major
Quartet Op. 64, No. 5 in D major ("The Lark")
Quartet Op. 71, No. 2 in D Major
Quartet Op. 76, No. 1 in G Major
Quartet Op. 76, No. 4 in Bb Major ("The Sunrise")
Quartet Op. 76, No. 5 in D Major
Quartet Op.102 in D minor

W. A. Mozart:
Quartet KV 160 in Eb Major
Quartet KV 387 in G Major
Quartet KV 428 in Eb Major
Quartet KV 465 in C Major ("Dissonance")
Quartet KV 590 in F Major
Adagio and Fugue KV 546 in C Minor

L. van Beethoven:
Quartet Op. 18, No. 1 F Major
Quartet Op. 59, No. 2 in E Minor ("Razumovsky")
Quartet Op. 59, No. 3 in C Major ("Razumovsky")
Quartet Op. 95 in F Minor ("Serioso")
Quartet Op.131 in C sharp Minor
Quartet Op.132 in A minor
Quartet Op. 135 in F Major

F. Schubert:
Quartet in D Minor D 810 ("Death and the Maiden")
Quartettsatz in C Minor D 703

F. Mendelssohn:
Quartet Op. 13 in A Minor

R. Schumann:
Quartet Op. 41 No. 1 in A Minor
Quartet Op.41 No. 3 in A Major

J. Brahms:

Quartet No. 1 in C Minor
Quartet No. 2 in A minor

A. Dvorak:
Quartet Op. 106 in G Major
The Cypresses

Hugo Wolf:
Italian Serenade

B. Britten:
Quartet No. 1 Op. 25
Quartet No. 2 Op. 36
Quartet No. 3 Op.94

C. Debussy:
Quartet in G Minor

D. Milhaud:
Quartet No. 1 (1912)

B. Bartok:
Quartet No. 3 (1927)
Quartet No.5 (1934)

L.Janacek :
Quartet No. 1 "Kreutzer Sonata"  (1923)
Quartet No. 2 "Intimate Letters" (1928)

D. Shostakovich:
Quartet No. 4
Quartet No. 6
Quartet No. 7
Quartet No. 8
Quartet No. 9
Quartet No. 10

A. Schnittke:
Quartet No. 3 (1934)

A. Webern:
Fünf Sätze Op. 5

A. Piazzolla:
Tango for Four

J. Sibelius:
Quartet Op. 56 in D Minor "Voces intimae"
Allegro Appasionato 
Alla Marcia in E minor
Allegretto in D major
Adagio in D minor

Erkki Melartin:
Quartet Op. 36, No. 2 in G Minor

Taneli Kuusisto:
Quartettino (1925)

Veli-Matti Puumala:
Quartet (1994)

Seppo Pohjola :
String Quartets 1-4 (also recorded for Alba Records)

Thomas Ades :
Arcadiana Op.12 (1994)

Lotta Wennäkoski:
Culla d'aria (2003-04)

Adam Vilagi:
Coexistence (2005-06)

Aki Yli-Salomäki:
Uinukainen (2015)

 Sebastian Hiili:
Elogio de la sombra (2015)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
String Quintet in C minor KV 406
String Quintet in G minor KV 516
Clarinet Quintet in A major KV 581

Luigi Boccherini:
String Quintet Op. 12 No. 2 in E flat major
Guitar Quintet in E minor
Guitar Quintet in D major "Fandango"
Flute Quintet Op. 17 No. 5 in G major

Franz Schubert:
String Quintet in C major

Johannes Brahms:
Piano Quintet Op. 34 in F minor
String Quintet Op. 111 in G major

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Piano Quintet in G minor op.57

Ernest Bloch:
Piano Quintet No. 1

Alfred Schnittke:
Piano Quintet

Jean Sibelius:
Piano Quintet in G minor

Einojuhani Rautavaara:

String Quintet "Unknown Heavens"

Tommi Kärkkäinen:
 "Fragilia" Guitar Quintet (2003)

Jan-Mikael Vainio:
Saxophone Quintet (2002-2004)

Friedrich Ernst Fesca:
French Horn Quintet Potpourri

Luigi Boccherini:
String Trio in D major

Ludvig van Beethoven:
 Sextet for Two Horns and String Quartet Op. 81b in E flat major

Ferdinand Thieriot:
Octet for Strings 

Johannes Brahms:
String Sextet Op. 18 in B flat major
String Sextet Op.36 in G major

Felix Mendelssohn:
Octet Op. 20 in E flat major

Ernst von Dohnanyi:
Serenade for String Trio

Max Bruch:
String Octet

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Prelude & Scherzo for String Octet

Edwar Elgar:
Introduction & Allegro for Orcherstra and String Quartet Op. 47

Maurice Ravel:
Introduction & Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet

The Carnival of the Animals

Jean Sibelius : 
String Trio in G minor
String Trio in A major

Eeva Sarmanto-Neuvonen and Leena Miikkulainen (composers): Happy Animal Pictures for Piano (Arrangement for String Quartet: Pekka Jylhä)



13.2.2018 at 19:00, Väärnin Pappila, Lapinlahti 

Mozart - Schubert  

11.3.2018 at 15:00 Koulukeskuksen auditorio, Eura 

Mozart - Fagerlund - Schubert   

8.5.2018 at 19:00 Monikkosali, Klaukkala

Beethoven - Furuhjelm

"Remembering 1918" 

Ke 16.5.2018 klo 19:30 Rautatalo, Helsinki

Reich - Paleface  



Pe 8.6. klo 18 Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki    


Pe 8.6. klo 21 Riihimäki Theater

-Minna Tervamäki, tanssi  Adams

Su 10.6. klo 18 Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki

-Olli Mustonen, piano   Milhaud-Mustonen


To 14.6. klo 18 at Iitti Church  

-Enesco Quartet, Mendelssohn Octet

 Pe 15.6. klo 14 Iitti Church


Pe 15.6. klo 19  Kuusankoski Hall

-Festival artists, Yared

La 16.6. klo 14 Saukonkallio

 -Surprise programme!


To 5.7. klo 20 Yliopiston vanha juhlasali, Jyväskylä



Pe 6.7. klo 19 Sysmä Church



La 4.8. klo 12 Mänttä Church


6.8. Lohja soi! -Tenor Days

Ma 6.8. klo 19 Opening concert, Laurentius HAll, Lohja


8.-11.8. Rauma Festivo

Ke 8.8. klo 18 Kustaa Aadolf Church, Eurajoki


Ke 8.8. klo 21 Kulttuurikuppila Brummi, Rauma

 -Paleface, Ninni Poijärvi, Niko Kumpuvaara

Pe 10.8. klo 19 Kulttuuritalo Poselli, Rauma

 -Johannes Rostamo, cello   -Beethoven Kreutzer sonata for a String Quintet

 La 11.8. klo 14 Rauma Hall, Rauma

 -Aura Go, piano   Brahms Piano Quintet

11.8. klo 19 Kulttuuritalo Poselli, Rauma

 -Ismo Eskelinen, guitar, Boccherini Guitar Quintet ”Fandango”  

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